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Nirvana Ice Dare

Posted by: NudeNirvana

Oct 26, 2021

While staying at a hotel to freshen up some on our RV road trip, I was dared to get some ice down the hallway while nude. At first I grabbed a towel and then Sparky said NO towel so I left it in the room and proceeded down the hall completely nude to get some ice for our cocktails. I think you can tell from my smile and erect nipples that it was sexy, fun and erotic experience. My nipples more than double in size when I'm aroused and I get so horny while accepting these dares to be nude in a public place where I may get caught. I nervously wonder what will happen if a hotel guest encounters me or if security arrives unexpectedly. I've been told the best strategy is simply smile and apologize for my naughty indiscretions. As a 57 year old mom hopefully they would simply give me a "hall pass" ... what would you do? Well, I hope ya enjoy these pics! Another part of Sparky's dare was for me to show more of my face and smile, so please vote and comment if ya like what ya see! You know I always love to hear from ya. Thanks! .... xoxo Nirvana

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All Comments (293)
  • Hey any anal sex lovers here?
  • Absolutely fantastic series, and you definitely do not look your age, you have the body of a 30 yr old, and ; I love the feeling that comes with a little risk, not knowing what someone might say or do. It's intoxicating. I like the smile and the fact you show your face. Love to get some ice and find you there.
  • I *LOVE* the ice machine dare!  I have actually gotten my wife to do this on a few occasions, though it has been a ; The naughty risk and nervous excitement -- great fun!  But I would actually love for her to get caught, as long as the response was a "hall pass" as you call ; (Always late at night, obviously, so would only be encountering other adults.)  Thank you!  And I love your smile and face, ; Thanks again!  
  • every hotel should have a Nirvana to deliver ice to the rooms.
  • Seeing your face makes the photos so much hotter!
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