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Rose – Summer Hideaway

Posted by: Rose @--}----

Aug 19, 2007

It is probably just a reaction to the pace of our lives these days, but when we get the chance to grab a day or two off in summer, we invariably gravitate back to this spot. This place is prefect for doing what I find most relaxing, which is listening to music, lying in the sun and idling away the day. There is absolutely no one else around, which means that I can be naked if I want to - which often seems to be the case. Mind you, it is not as if we are total recluses - if someone we liked wanted to drop around for a glass or two of wine and a chat, I could always slip a bikini on - or ... maybe not *W*

Damon: Rose/Thorn, fantastic contri! What a gorgeous lady, who keeps getting sexier and sexier! thanks!<br />

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  • Rose: had to cum back one more time on my birthday (today) to see your gorgeously delicious body. You are superbly fantastic. Keep it up, your pics keep me up. leemarsh@mybluelight. com
  • best damn jerk-off photos on the web!!!!!!!!
  • she looks like an old leather shammy
  • When I drop in on you, don't bother slipping on anything .... I wanna slip and slide on YOU !!!!
  • Sure loved the pics you sent me recently. Do you live in Florida? My wife and I are swingers and would love to add you to our group.
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