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Nirvana Splish Splash

Posted by: NudeNirvana

Sep 29, 2023

Three years ago when I was 56 I retired and we started traveling around America living full time on the road in an RV. Unfortunately our RV does not have a shower so I have learned to really appreciate life's simple pleasures which make me happy. I'm an easy gal to please so it's nice when we choose to stay in cheap hotel so I can take a hot shower after a long day on the road. It's fun to meet fellow travelers in the hotel lobby restaurant or bar and invite them up to our room to get better acquainted. Imagine if you were one of those travelers that I met. Would you be ok if my husband Sparky captures video of us in the shower as we have some naughty fun and play "splish splash". Here's how ya play ... first ya gotta help me shave my pussy nice and smooth, then I'll let ya slip your hard cock in my ass or pussy as the water from the shower rinses over us. Then ya pull out and pump your thick creamy load all over my hard nipples so I can lick your cum off my tits. I call that "splish splash". Vote superb if you enjoyed this video and would like to play with me! So catch that magic moment, right here, right now. It means everything! .... xoxo Nirvana

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All Comments (42)
  • Another great story, would you be up for a bi-curious shower partner? Then after the shower your hubby can give you his big cock! Just a thought.
  • Exciting video of you taking a shower, shaving your awesome pussy and looking at your breasts with rock-hard nipples, I call this super superb, naturally!!
  • Both my holes are available for you
  • You have an amazing sexy Figure, never tire of watching you!! Watching you shave that pretty Pussy is a Bonus!!
  • Wonderful bless you girl
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