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ny Erianne's Holiday Stockings

Posted by: Erianne

Dec 26, 2007

We know this contest is for nylons/stockings, but we figured there's no reason we can't incorporate a holiday theme too, right?

As you can tell from the pictures, we are expecting quite a holiday gift. To heck with Santa, we are waiting for the stork!

We had such fun taking these pictures. You know how most women don't feel sexy when they are this pregnant? Erianne really, really liked getting dressed up like this and posing. I'm sure you'll all agree, she is one hot, sexy momma!

We'd like to send out best wishes to those special people we have met through this site, and hope you have a great (and sexy) 2008!!!

Erianne and Jack

We almost made this our christmas card cover photo. We weren't real sure our parents would have approved.

Damon: Well congratulations Erianne and Jack...<br /><br />hmmm this as the pic on your christmas card?<br />I say you should have gone for it!<br /><br />classy and provocative all at once...<br />Besides the parents already know you fucked her at least once if she is pregnant... they figure you know what she looks like naked...

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  • Ohhh yeah, I LOVE prego figure, but your bra "cups" are much too large your your breasts, oustanding areolas and nipples LOVE to see some "milking" picts if you have some ,please???? DA1LOVA@aol.com
  • Wow, absolutely beautiful nipples!!! Would love to see them with milk in them.
  • You are very beautiful naked and pregnant look very exciting too. I live near NYC in NJ let me know if I can be of help, let 7 miles away by bus to NYC. my address is knicks07070@yahoo.com I wuld love to get a picture or two OK beauty??
  • Stunning pictures of an incredibly sexy, beautiful woman. Her pregnant beauty and grace is among the very best I've seen anywhere. Please continue to share photos of this earth angel.
  • You are a very beautiful woman; I would love to see more. If you have some more pictures of you pregnant I would love to see them, and if possibly could you send me pictures of you peeing, jest seeing other women pee turns me on like nothing else. Thank y
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