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Dede's Christmas Flashing #1

Posted by: dede

Jan 10, 2008

Hi! I'm DeDe and this is my second contri here. Hi Cam - thank you for all your wonderful comments on the first contri – and btw that wasn't a pickle but a strangely-colored reflection inside the top of the box! Also, a big thank you to all you fine gentlemen and ladies who made such nice comments on my first one! I will try to send a personal email to everyone who included an email address in their comment. I'm sorry for those of you who weren't happy with my first set of pics – I guess now you know whose contris not to look at.

My hubby and I have been enjoying Voyeurweb for a long time & we both really enjoy the Exposed in Public contris and the FantasyFest pics every year, and we'd love to go to FF sometime! I'm 46 and he's a little older, and we've been in the swingers lifestyle for almost twenty years. I have a job in the adult entertainment industry & it's not pro modeling - and since he's my photographer and biggest fan, he finally convinced me to send in some naughty pics. I'm working to set a site up on ProAdult/Quantum where we can share more of our photographic adventures, and will let y'all know when that happens. We took a whole lot more Christmas pictures, so we'll be posting them here, too.

We live in a rural part of Texas, near a small, relatively conservative community, so our wicked picture taking needs to be planned rather carefully! For these 'Christmas Flashing photos, we were only about 100 yards from the Sheriff's office & jail and about 200 yards from the City Police station that added to the spice and made it even more wickedly fun! These were taken fairly late at night, but there was still some traffic, so the chance of getting caught was quite real. A couple of cars went by but no one seemed to pay much attention. Then a pickup truck full of young guys out partying passed very slowly, and the looks on their faces were great! Too bad we couldn't get the camera shifted quickly enough to catch their dropped jaws and wide eyes! This kind of lewd behavior just doesn't happen around here, so I wonder if anyone believed the story they told later?! We hope y'all enjoy the first set of Christmas Flashing pics as much as we did taking them!



Yes, I’m a cowgirl…boots and duster and hat…and garters and stockings!!

Damon: hiya DeDe!<br /><br />WOOHOO! When a beautiful lady starts off with a big beautiful smile, I know I'm in for a treat!

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All Comments (59)
  • You must have been all worked up after that one...
    I sure am.
  • Hi DeDe,

    Nice pics!! I would love to see you at FF...I assume you would be one of those gals that like to get naked and and walk around in only paint! BTW, pics #5 & 7 would make GREAT Xmas cards! You have a great body and I voted Superb.
  • Hi DeDe. I'm from Australia. I love your attitude, your honesty and your beauty. I was in Texas last year, I love the place. Please keep sending pics, you're beautiful. waido@bigpond.com
  • Ok, so I found part 1....maybe I'm doing this backwards, but i hope you'll forgive me. Just had to say Hi, again..hope there is more pics to come..don't forget, jettz43a...lol XO
  • nice sexy body hot pussy mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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