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Wild Irish Rose

Posted by: thecapt2

Jan 23, 2008

Sometimes in life something beautifull appears out of nowhere. Such is the case with C lyn. She appeared to me form 4000 miles away in fact from the rolling green countryside known as Ireland. I was sent some pictures and asked if I thought she could be pretty enough and sexy enough to appear in VW as she knew I have poseted others here several times. I told not omly yes but Hell yes please send pics and I'll edit and post them. She did and here is the first of what I hope will be many more contris. C lyn is poseing before a camara for the very first time like this and her photographer has had the camara for just a couple of weeks. I think they did very well the first time out. Sorry for croping off at the neck. Her boyfriend insisted she not show her absolutely beautifull fase. What a shame that is but we will comply with his wishes. This Time. I hope you enjoy and vote high so maybe she will show us more includeing her face!!!!!!!!!! The CAPT

I was a wee bit nervous at the start of this but really started to have fun as more pictures were taken.

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All Comments (25)
  • salut tu est trés belle et bandante mais pourrais tu m envoyer une photo avec ta chatte bien raser en gros plan a+ je te kifff
  • want some more please show titties will watch for you voted superb
  • great ass more please.thanks
  • more please
  • Usual conservative Irish chick, get your clothes off girl, and maybe we will know what you look like! Seems like there's potential there.

    Why is it that the Irish are sooooo conservative still? Been here a few years and finding they are sti
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