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My First Contri

Posted by: jenny 22

Jan 24, 2007

this is very exciting - thinking about how many guys (or girls) might be plessuring themselves to my pics, or fantasizing about me while they making love to there partners. this is my first contri ever to the entire web. i've always wanted to do it but never had the guts. my hubby does not know i'm doing this, i quess i've always wanted to feel like a slut - and this makes me feel like one without cheating on him. win-win in my book. sorry for the blured face, but like i said my hubby doesn't know about this - cant have people telling him they saw me showing the whole world this sluty body! little does he know... he,he,he Love, jenny

hotel stairway: a girl walked up on us while taking this one

Damon: Just couldn't wait to get upstairs!

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  • Or you're just another woman whose husband posts you on the web without your knowledge. It's way more probable, hotel pics taken by someone else plus the fact that a lot of men would love a wife who wants to post, a lot of women don't want the
  • It's SUPERB! :-) Amici italiani, sono di Milano e ho 28 anni e... guardo! ;-) giovaneguardone@libero.it
  • Wow! What a great start! I'd love to see all of her!
  • "the girl that walked up on us called me a slut! what a turn on!!!!"

    Just the right answer, darling! You are gorgious! Would love to eat you there, slut!
  • Who took the pics?
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