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Je Michele In The Corner

Posted by: A. Michele

Mar 31, 2004

Hi Kate & Crew ~ Everybody ~ I have been wanting to take some pics in a pair of jeans for a few months now and have just never gotten around to it. I noticed this theme becuase of all the wonderful contris being posted and wanted to play along as well. It was really when I got a message on my last post from somebody to "please put a pair of jeans on my tight ass and enter the *JE theme" that I really had to do it! Thanks for that little push! :) Here I am in and out of a pair of my Tommys. How do you think he fits me?!? Hehe. This is the second time I attempted to take pics all by myself so im hoping they turned out maybe just as good if Jere had taken them! LOL I do hope you enjoy either way! The solo fun continued beyond my taking pics too! *Wink Thank You all for the, as usual, awesome notes you all leave for me when I do post! I am going to repeat myself here to anybody thats reading. You are the main reason I post my pics here! I love the feedback I get...critical or not...LOL At least the ones that dont leave such nice things are taking the time out of their day to comment! I can appreciate that! :) Bye for now guys...xoxoxo Michele

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