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Merci In The Park - Part 2

Posted by: bigrckss

Apr 3, 2003

Sorry for the delay between Part 1 and Part 2 of the Park series:0) As some of you might know, I am not only a member, but the President of the LIPPY CLUB… hehehe I have to be careful which pictures I send in cuz there seems to be some discrimination against the “lippily endowed” at VW :0) Sooooo Cam graciously performed a digital “lipectomy” on a few of my apparently borderline pics and in the last one in the car we had to do the ever dreaded PB (Pussy Blur) hehehe. Hopefully they pass now:0) Sooooo The park adventure continues. As parks go this one was a bit on the boring side with burned trees, scrub palmettos, and sandy trails. But the day was gorgeous and the sky was blue and we LOVE the outdoors pictures! We walked out of sight of the parking lot and spent about 45 minutes taking pictures. I made Cam walk in front to scare away any snakes:0) And while I know some of you were just waiting to see if I wore my Merci Rubber Sneaker Shoes, I would HATE to ruin those so we left them at home awaiting a more formal occasion where they would be appreciated…. Hehehe At least with these I didn’t get grease all over everything! Ummm just charred tree bark:0) Thanks for the comments:0) Equipment: Nikon D1, Park, Gorgeous Day

Please note, all fingers are visible, my membership "card" in the Lippy Club (LC) is hidden;0) Fully legal VW pic:0)

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