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Merci On The Rocks

Posted by: bigrckss

May 4, 2003

Hi Guys! No matter where we go, we are always on the lookout for fun places to take pictures. It just so happened that we found a place where the waves were crashing and the way the cliffs were there, no one could really see us. We had to walk thru this natural tunnel under the road to get there and I don’t think many people know about it. I know it is hard sometimes to really get the feel for where someone is when the pictures were taken, but just imagine a pretty strong ocean breeze blowing on you, carrying some water droplets with each wave crash. The sound of the waves as they both crash onto the rocks and as the water rushes off the rocks and back into the ocean. And the incredible fresh smell of the ocean air that just seems to invkateate you! Then couple that with me losing my balance, hair whipping in my face, ocean spray getting on Cam’s camera and the sweet sound of us both cussing above the roar of the ocean… hehehe ok it wasn’t exactly like that:0) We had a blast and I’m sure you’ll see more of our fun adventures away from home:0) Equipment: Nikon D1, sunshine, ocean

Cam's Choice of Pictures.... "Merci, put in that one where it looks like you are putting a contact in..." I am NOT putting a contact in! I wear glasses sometimes but not contacts..... :0)

Damon: This is her viva la life pose!

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