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*PR Stay Cool with ~Lara~ 1

Posted by: ~Lara~

May 11, 2002

Hi everyone! I've been a VW contributor for almost 2 years now, but I just joined Redclouds a few months ago because I wanted to be able to submit e-contris. I don't usually take RC pics intentionally, but since I take all my own pics, sometimes it just happens. I never know quite what I will end up with, and sometimes they are too explicit for VW but just too good to not share, and e-contris are a great place to share them! I love the VW chatrooms, and I found out that RC has some great chatrooms too. If you haven't visited the RC chat & bulletin boards, you need to!!! To me, VW is a playground of sorts... a place to make new friends & have fun... and Redclouds is just an extension of that fun, so I took this set of pics to celebrate the fun. Summer is coming, and we're all looking for fun ways to stay cool. These photos illustrate a few of my tips: - Don't overdress. - Wear cool, loose-fitting clothing: light colors & natural fibers are best, and less is more. - Find a nice shady placeand relax. - Drink plenty of fluids. - Don't work or play too hard; just take it easy & have a ball. But if you would rather get hot, come see part 2 of this set in Redclouds (Igot a little carried away, so Itook a fewextra pics this time!) And don't forget to keep lots of ice water nearby - there's plenty of heat in Redclouds. :)

Damon: I like her advice.... in fact... I had plenty of fluids last night... some Johnnie Walker Red... Some Amber Bock....

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