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Savannah - Fantasies

Posted by: Savannah

Oct 2, 2007

There's something so erotic about dressing up in something sexy, and then slowly peeling everything away... all while the camera is capturing every sensual moment... "Relax", my photographer says... "Just imagine all of the men who will be looking at you"... "Feel their eyes on your body, scanning every inch of you"... "Think of what they will be doing as they stare at your pictures"... Mmmm mmm mmm!!! With encouragement like that, it's so easy for me to get lost in the "moment"! And if you think about it, it's really you that's turning me on right now! :-)<br /><br />Please leave me a comment about your thoughts, desires, fantasies... especially if it involves me!!!... and drop into the Private Shots Forum and say "Hi"... And remember, if you leave me an email addy, I will try my best to reply to you... yada, yada, yada... :-)<br /><br />kisses,<br />-savannah

Let's play a little game... Ok. I'm thinking of a number between 68 and 70...

Damon: You are such a TEASE! Lickable nips and thighs that are perfect ear warmers... Thanks Sweetie! I still think your next one should be in RC!

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  • Savannah you are simple incredible. I would love to share my fantasy's about with you. I am at work so I can't really do it here. LOL I'm not even supposed to be on this site but couldnt resist after seeing your contri's please mail me m_b
  • Savannah: you are all my fantacies rolled into one superbly gorgeous woman. You are my dream of having the most magnificent full firm breasts & sweet succulent erect nipples in my mouth for my tongue to tease, & your long sexy inviting legs would
  • I vote SUPERB ! cos i think it !! you tease very well - what a nice body and face you have!! i love your underwear .i dream to see what you can do after that.if you want you can send me more ...;) thanks a lot
  • WWWooooWWW!What a hard on you gave me.Just imagining i'm grabbing your ass cheeks and doing you from behind with that slutty outfit you wear!would do you doggystyle way while the olthers wait in line. Drop me a line please. I won't bite unless you
  • Hey Photog, how did you manage to take so many pics? I'd have dropped the camera after the first one.
    Absolutley perfect ass shot! Good work man.
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