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Savannah - Pretty In Plaid

Posted by: Savannah

Feb 27, 2008

Hi everyone! Ok, for some unknown reason, a plaid skirt makes me think about being back in old study times again... :-) So how about a naughty Nursery Rhyme today? ...

Savannah had a little skirt,
It's pleats were made in plaid,
And every time she lifted it,
the boys were all so glad.

And every where Savannah went,
The boys would ask to peek,
and when she spread her legs out wide,
and the boys legs all went weak.

Her mommy often scolded her,
"The boys don't like a tease!"
Savannah smiled and nodded yes,
with dirt upon her knees

And now Savannah's all grown up,
the boys still want to see,
Every single little bit,
of her anatomy!

Ok, that was really corny... but fun! Wasn't it?! (This is where you lie to me and tell me I am both beautiful and witty!). I really hope you guys like these pictures... Please let me know in the comments section...

See you guys again real soon!

You want me to lose the skirt and keep the shoes? Yes sir...

Damon: As long as you leave those gorgeous breasts out, I don't care about the skirt!

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All Comments (263)
  • Would love to get lost in those breasts!
  • Savannah, I wish you were posting in 2018....you are absolutely fan-fuckin-tastic...I love all your posts
  • Very erotice yummy xo
  • kapow!
    Way to go. You nailed it!
  • Hi Savannah, I could never get enough of you and I've come back here every day looking for more of you and now I'm broken hearted that you never reposted any new pictures. Please E-mail me your profolio so I could die in piece. Love you Knight in
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